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Hello, and welcome to Saratov! We are happy to greet you in our city located in a wonderful valley on the right bank of the great river Volga.


Saratov Bridge is a new international project launched in 2005 to present the most important information about Saratov and Saratov Region to an international audience. The English site was created and is maintained by an initiative group located in Saratov.

Permanent intercommunication between right and left banks of the Volga became vital long ago. But officials stayed indifferent to the problem and to engineers' initiative. In addition, a lack of technical resources aggravated the situation and made it impossible to build any large bridgeworks in Saratov.

In 1921 the Head Committee for State Installations started research in this field and worked out various viable designs. It was found expedient and vital to build a motor bridge across the Volga. It was laid in March 1958 and put into commission in 1965.

Saratov motor bridge was so masterfully executed that it can rival many world famous water-spanning structures. It was assembled out of large-scale ferroconcrete elements with the help of unique innovations absolutely new for that time.

Nowadays, the bridge has acquired economic and industrial value for both right-bank and left-bank parts the region, and has made the lives of Saratov's inhabitants infinitely more comfortable.

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